COVID-19 is posing many challenges to the effective functioning of Biomedical waste management in our country. Though guidelines in this matter have been released by the Government, a larger audience must be reached out to facilitate better compliance. Lately, many instances have come to limelight and have been reported in mainstream media where citizens, waste handlers and CBWTF are not strictly abiding by the notified framework.

Toxics Link is an Indian environmental not for profit organization set up in 1996, engaged primarily in research, policy advocacy and disseminating information to help strengthen the campaign against toxic pollution, provide cleaner alternatives, and brings together groups and people affected by this problem.

Toxics Link organized a Webinar on Management of COVID-19 Biomedical Waste. The webinar gathered subject experts and practitioners from the field of Biomedical Waste Management. Since the event was intended to create awareness and build knowledge on COVID waste management in India, we firmly believe this video series will be useful and help in improving the current waste management status.

Mr. Satish Sinha

The speaker in this video is Mr. Satish Sinha who is the Associate Director at Toxics Link where he leads the research, policy and advocacy group. An ex Indian Airforce officer, he has been in the development sector for 2 decades and has been spearheading Toxics Link’s research and environmental campaigns for almost 16 years. He has been engaging with bio medical waste issues for almost a decade assessing its varied nuances and actively involving himself in policy advocacy.

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Ms. Youthika Puri

The speaker in this video is Ms. Youthika Puri who has been working in CPCB since 2010, currently holding a designation of Scientist ‘D’. She is dealing with biomedical and batteries waste management across the country. She has prepared more than 10 guidelines on biomedical waste management including Guidelines for COVID Waste Management. She also worked with MoEF&CC for preparation and finalization of BMWM Rules, 2016 and draft Batteries Waste Management Rules. She has been associated with Advisory Committee for Delhi and Technical Committee of BIS for preparation of Biomedical Waste Plastic Bags and containers.

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Dr. Jorge Emmanuel

The speaker in this video is Dr. Jorge Emmanuel who is Adjunct Professor of environmental science and engineering at Silliman University in the Philippines. From 2003 to 2015, Professor Emmanuel was Chief Technical Advisor for UNDP specializing in global healthcare waste projects. He was also a consultant to the WHO, UNEP, US Environmental Protection Agency, US National Institutes of Health, and other such agencies. He has worked in over 40 countries including India. His last project for UNDP was to lead a team of experts to help stop the spread of Ebola in west Africa.

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Dr. Sharafudheen K.P.

The speaker in this video is Dr. Sharafudheen K.P. who is H.O.D. and consultant ENT surgeon at EMS Memorial Co-op Hospital, Malapurram, Kerala. Since 2011, he has been a state office bearer of IMA Kerala. He has been involved with IMAGE CBWTF and has been the organization’s honorary secretary from 2017-2020. IMAGE is the CBWTF Project initiated by the Kerala Branch of Indian Medical Association and is the largest CBWTF in the country with installed treatment capacity of 55 – 60 tonnes per day and caters to more than 16,000 Healthcare Establishments in the Kerala.

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Mr. Pranav Tripathi

The speaker in this video is Mr. Pranav Tripathi who has been an entrepreneur for the past 13 years and has successfully commenced and operated companies in the field of Rural Electrification, Food Processing, E-health, and Waste Management. Waste management being his personal favorite, Pranav has expertise in the field of Slaughterhouse Waste, E-waste, Tyre Waste, Plastic Waste, and Bio-Medical Waste Management. Pranav is a Director at Biotic Waste Limited, a company that operates Common Bio-medical Waste Disposal facilities in Delhi, Gurugram, Ambala, and Rohtak. Cumulatively Biotic group has been servicing healthcare facilities for the past 18 years and covers more than 8,000 healthcare facilities which are about 70,000 hospital beds daily.

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