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Chemicals in Products

The use of chemical has grown exponentially in last 50 years and is recognised as a great driver of economy and social progress. However, with advancements in science, many of these chemicals used are proving to be highly toxic causing adverse impacts on human health and the environment. Toxics Link’s engages on issues of chemicals safety through research and new information, support in creation of regulatory frameworks to minimise and reduce pollution eventually Woking towards a safer and less toxic environment.  Toxics Link’s current engagements are  on  Endocrine disrupting chemicals ( EDCs), Forever chemicals, heavy metals and Anti-Microbial Resistance..

POPs and Pesticides

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are hazardous, long-lasting organic chemicals. Most POPs are either pesticides, insecticides, solvents, or industrial chemicals. They bio-accumulate and can adversely impact human health and the environment.  Toxics Link has been engaged on the issues of POPs and pesticides since 2004 and has published numerous research studies on these issues at the national, regional (South Asian) and global level. Toxics Link’s interventions are aimed at creation of suitable policy frameworks, information and awareness generation, support in management of waste and stockpiles and reducing and minimising toxicity in environment.

Circularity in Waste

The current linear system of waste management is proving to be highly challenging, complex and unsustainable in which, we extract and consume resources from the earth, make and use products and eventually discard them as waste. This cradle-to-grave approach is unsustainable and needs to be updated to a circular one. To achieve this, our interventions focus on minimization strategies, design for environment, efficient resource recovery, pollution prevention and moving towards sustainable and responsible consumption.


Toxics Free Health Care

Healthcare waste contains harmful microorganisms and chemicals that are potentially infectious and highly toxic if not managed properly. This poses serious risk to health of patients, healthcare providers, members of society and the environment. Toxics Link Has been working towards making healthcare systems safer and sustainable and has been involved in policy advocacy, training and awareness generation, creating model waste management systems and setting up of  common biomedical treatment facilities .


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