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Plastics and the Environment

TitlePlastics and the Environment
Publication Type Research Reports
Year of Publication2014

Polythene bags have today become the most visible indicator of environmental degradation as citizens associate polythene to environmental pollution on account of its prominence in the municipal waste stream. Polythene as a material is highly versatile, economical and convenient hence more acceptable to consumers resulting in increased consumption patterns over many years. While the consumption patterns have continued to grow the bags are also seen as one of the major sources of littering in cities and even rural areas. Government and municipalities of many states and Union Territories have announced complete ban on manufacturing and usage of polythene, perhaps the only means to deal with this visible environmental concern.

'Plastic and the Environment' sets out to check the compliance level of the plastic bags ban in three states/UTs namely, Delhi, Chandigarh and Sikkim through a detailed primary and secondary survey. The report also tries to evaluate reasons for the success and failure of the ban in these three regions, and recommends measures to improve compliance.

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