Single Use Plastic Stakeholder Consultation

Date: 10th October and 9th November 2023

Location: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi and YWCA, Mumbai

Toxics Link held a two-day consultation meeting on Single Use Plastic in Delhi and Mumbai respectively, to bring together diverse stakeholders to share the findings of the study on ‘Single- use plastic ban implementation in India’ and to discuss ways to address the challenges and possible solutions.

The meeting emphasized on the requirement to strengthen the enforcement on Single use plastic ban directive in India, as well as the need to broadening the scope of the ban. Most stakeholders felt that there has to be sustained effort and not sporadic actions. Regular consultations with diverse stakeholders to understand the challenges on ground was also seen as a necessity.  The deliberations also focused on the requirement of supporting the substitute market through fiscal and non-fiscal measures. In this regard, there was an overwhelming agreement on the need to address single-use approach and shifting to a more sustainable multi-use one, as recommended in the study report as well.

The meeting also identified that more research is required to evaluate the effects of chemicals present in plastic products and the concerns of microplastics on environment and human health. The industry must work with civil society to adopt a hazard-based approach to setting standards and regulation for chemicals.  Most experts felt that there should be extensive effort put in to not just create awareness among consumers but also trigger behavioural change.

The stakeholder participants came from a variety of backgrounds, including NGOs, manufacturing startups, educators, researchers, plastic industry, government, trade bodies and volunteers.

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