Scrapping the Hi-Tech Myth

Title: Scrapping the Hi-Tech Myth
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2003
Abstract: The escalating consumption of electronic products in India, driven by changing lifestyles and urbanization, has resulted in a surge in electronic waste, particularly computer waste. This report, titled “Scrapping the Hi-Tech Myth,” conducted by Toxics Link, delves into the environmental and health implications of computer waste in India. The study explores the origins of e-waste, the economic aspects of its trade, prevailing trade practices, and the inadequate regulatory framework surrounding e-waste in the country. The report also sheds light on the challenges of managing computer waste, emphasizing the rudimentary disposal methods that pose significant environmental and health risks. The absence of specific laws addressing the import and management of e-waste further exacerbates the situation. It also advocates for a comprehensive assessment within the framework of Extended Producer Responsibility and the Precautionary Principle to develop more effective policies for managing computer waste in India.