Mercury in Hospital Indoor Air: Staff and Patient at Risk

Title:Mercury in Hospital Indoor Air: Staff and Patient at Risk
Publication Type:Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2007
Abstract: The comprehensive report delves into the critical issue of mercury exposure in healthcare settings. Highlighting the alarming frequency of thermometer breakages, with an average of 70 incidents per month in a 300- to 500-bed hospital in Delhi, the study underscores the severe health risks posed to doctors, nurses, and patients due to elemental mercury exposure. The report emphasizes the absence of standards for mercury levels in indoor ambient air in healthcare facilities and advocates urgently for regulatory interventions. Findings reveal elevated mercury concentrations in various hospital locations, particularly in nursing stations, maintenance rooms, and dental wings, indicating pervasive risks. The study recommends a swift transition to mercury-free healthcare practices and urges large-scale investigations for a comprehensive policy overhaul to safeguard indoor air quality in healthcare environments.