Lead in Solvent-Based Paints for Home Use in India

Title: Lead in Solvent-Based Paints for Home Use in India
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2023
Abstract:The report highlights a concerning issue in India regarding the widespread presence of lead in solvent-based paints intended for home use. Despite regulations in place, the study conducted by Toxics Link and IPEN reveals that 90% of paints sampled contained lead levels exceeding 90 ppm, with 76% having extremely high concentrations of 10,000 ppm or more. This situation poses severe health risks, especially to children, as lead exposure can lead to irreversible health effects. The report emphasizes the urgent need for stricter enforcement of existing regulations, greater transparency from manufacturers, and increased public awareness. The findings underscore the necessity for collaborative efforts among government agencies, industries, consumers, and advocacy groups to ensure a lead-free future for all stakeholders in India.