Domestic Hazardous Waste: An Emerging Concern In India

Title: Domestic Hazardous Waste: An Emerging Concern In India
Publication Type: Research Report
Year of Publication: 2024
Abstract: The study conducted in Delhi, Jaipur, Bhopal, Ranchi and Coimbatore pointed at the urgent need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders, including policymakers, waste handlers, and the general public to address the challenges posed by Domestic Hazardous Waste (DHW) in the country. Stress on source segregation and transfer of DHW, including Household Biomedical Waste and Household Toxic Waste, to ensure proper treatment and disposal, implementing diverse collection mechanisms including drop boxes set up by societies/RWA/municipalities to streamline collection, bridging regulatory gaps for stricter enforcement and bringing behaviour change among both households and waste workers, are a few measures recommended in the study to overcome the challenges.