“Dirty Laundry: Threads of Pollution – Microfibres”

Title: “Dirty Laundry: Threads of Pollution – Microfibres”
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2022
Abstract:A first-of-its-kind study titled “Dirty Laundry: Threads of Pollution – Microfibres”, launched by environmental NGO Toxics Link, reveals synthetic clothing is a massive contributor to microfibre pollution. The latest report, which has looked at global studies across the world, underlines that 124 to 308 mg of microfibres is released per kg of washed fabric during washing, depending on the type of washed garment. The study has also reported that synthetic textiles add about 35% to the global release of primary microplastics to the world’s oceans. Apparel made of synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, nylon, and others consist of plastics and represents roughly 60% of the clothing material globally. The study presents serious concern regarding microfiber pollution in India, especially as synthetic apparel is capturing substantial market shares in India. The study also highlights that microfiber released during washing and use of synthetic clothing ends up in the water bodies, thus polluting them.