Poster Stop POPs

Title: Poster Stop POPs
Publication Type: IEC Material
Year of Publication: 2003
Abstract: The factsheet briefly discusses the sources and pathways of these dirty dozen – Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). It also discusses the kind of exposure both humans and wildlife is prone to. It refers to lurking problem of POPs in India along with reference to the personal practices that will ensure reduced risk to these harmful chemicals and compounds. POPs are among the most dangerous of all pollutants released into the environment every year by humans. Among these, dioxins and furans are unintentionally produced by processes such as incineration and are of most concern because of their significant toxicity. POPs travel globally on wind and marine currents to regions far from where they are produced. Collective global action is the only way to stop the spread of POPs. The Stockholm Treaty lays guidelines for their phase-out.