E-waste is a critical issue facing India today. With rapid technological advancement and growing obsolescence rate, the country is saddled with huge generation of this new stream of waste. The key concern is poor management of this toxic yet resourceful waste; resulting in health as well as environmental problems. Low awareness has been seen as one of the major reasons behind lack of public participation in sound E-waste management.

In an endeavor to generate awareness on issues of environmental conservation, with focus on E-waste, Toxics Link joined hands with Nokia to organize School awareness programmes. The programme aims to create awareness and promote responsible handling, recycling and disposal of E-waste in the country

The project addresses an important audience group i.e. the students and youth of the country. The student and youth group is seen as effective change makers and can also influence the family behaviors.

The school programme covered 10 states across India and workshops have been conducted in over 1400 schools to sensitize the children on e-waste and benefits of recycling in the year 2011-2012. The programme covered 193000 students and 6500 teachers. In 2013, 500 more schools are planned to be completed in five states namely, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Odisha and Maharashtra.

The campaign has been successful in terms of initiating an immediate thought-process on the benefits of recycling and increasing general awareness on environmental challenges. The campaign also offers an opportunity to students to dispose off their E-waste in proper manner as temporary E-waste collection bins are installed in the schools.

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