From Blueprint to Reality: Setting up of Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility at Kundaim, Goa

In a significant stride towards effective biomedical waste management, the
Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility at Kundaim, Goa, established
under the guidance of Toxics Link is recognised as a major milestone both for
Toxics Link and the state of Goa. Toxics Link was appointed as a technical
consultant to the “Goa Waste Management Corporation” in 2018 for planning,
designing, executing, and finally setting up a comprehensive biomedical waste
management system that would ensure safe and environmentally responsible
disposal of biomedical waste in the state of Goa.

Over the course of the past three years, the organization undertook a very
detailed study of the waste situation in Goa including the inventorisation of
waste to identifying the generators drawing a blueprint and a detailed project
report that encompassed the necessity of both physical infrastructure and
laying out a system to support, sustainable waste management practices. This
meticulous planning coupled with its execution finally resulted in the plant
becoming operational in Oct 2022 and continues to draw the attention of
experts from within the country and region too. This state of art treatment
facility is equipped with the most updated technology and highly transparent
oversight and monitoring mechanism making it one of the finest in the country.

This facility represents a critical milestone not only in waste management but
also in setting a new benchmark in Biomedical waste management system in
a state that had none. With its modern technology and adherence to best
practices, the treatment plant exemplifies the commitment to safeguarding the
well-being of both the local population and the surrounding ecosystem.

Beyond the establishment of the treatment plant itself, Toxics Link extended its
efforts to capacity-building among various stakeholders. By conducting
training and awareness programs, the organisation ensured that the facility’s
operations were seamlessly integrated into the local waste management
ecosystem. This holistic approach played a pivotal role in guaranteeing the
facility’s successful operation and its harmonious coexistence within the

Toxics Link’s involvement in the Kundaim project goes beyond infrastructure
and operation – it represents the establishment of a comprehensive system
for the effective implementation of biomedical waste management. The
combined efforts of the organisation and its partners have laid the groundwork
for a sustainable and replicable model that can serve as a template for similar
initiatives elsewhere.

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