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Your face wash may not be all that harmless

Source: Nyooz, New Delhi, April 30, 2018

The NGO says skincare products generally contain microbeads, which is a finer form of microplastic and is below 1mm in size. The figure was, however, the highest in face wash and face scrub products, with 50% and 67% of these samples respectively found to contain microplastics in the form of microbeads.Priti Mahesh, chief programme coordinator at Toxics Link, who was part of the study, said, “These tiny beads get washed down the drain when you use these products. A total of 28% of all samples tested contained microplastics, while 17% contained other microparticles as well. These evade routine filtration systems at water treatment or sewage treatment plants and eventually get discharged to the waterways and oceans. The next step is to approach the authorities and fight for regulation of these in products.”


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