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Sound barrier: Law in place, cops quiet in Delhi

Source : The Times of India, New Delhi, Nov 5, 2017

NEW DELHI: Even as Kathmandu has resolutely curbed the use of horns on roads, Delhi — despite a number of awareness campaigns against honking and noise pollution — continues to record high street noise, with major intersections logging decibel levels over 100 dB. In fact, a driver steps out with the belief that navigating Delhi's wide roads without honking is not possible.
Experts who have been leading the fight against the insistent use of car horns say the effort should not be limited to awareness campaigns. A deterrent in the form of fines and penalties is required if the Indian capital is to go the Kathmandu way.
In the six months till June, the traffic police had booked just 112 people for using pressure horns (in six months since April 14, Kathmandu police has hauled up 15,500 horn users). Police officers pleaded helplessness about a more robust crackdown due to the lack of noisemeters.


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