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 “We are a group of people working together for environmental justice and freedom from toxics. We have taken it upon ourselves to collect and share information about the sources and dangers of poisons in our environment and bodies, as well as about clean and sustainable alternatives for India and the rest of the world.”

India to be mercury-free within 10 years

Source : Hindustan Times,New Delhi, 29 Aug 2014

Mercury — considered highly toxic but used extensively in healthcare products, lighting and for religious purposes — will be phased out in India in the next six to 10 years.

In its first major pro-environment move, the government has decided to sign the Minamata Convention, a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury.

Children at risk in e-waste sites

Source : The Asian Age, New Delhi, 24 Aug 2014

While it is a known truth that Delhi has been become a dumping yard for e-waste for the world, some disturbing facts from these sites expose the lack of awareness on the part of the owners and the local authorities on the working conditions in scrapyards.

India's pollution challenges

Source : Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Germany

By: Ravi Agarwal 

Is the country's economic growth environmentally sustainable?

Pollution on the rise as norms flouted

Source : Asian Age, New Delhi 20 Aug 2014

A study by an NGO concluded that industrial pollution in the capital has increased due to flouting of norms by industrial units in Delhi. The study by Toxic Link, an environmental NGO, also gave details on how the groundwater has been contaminated by waste from these industries.

Industrial waste affecting groundwater, health of residents, finds NGO study

Source : Indian Express, New Delhi 14 Aug 2014

Industrial pollution, in varying forms ranging from lead acid battery recycling to landfill sites, has been affecting Delhi’s residents in adverse ways, as noted by a study of pollution hotspots by NGO Toxics Link.

The most worrying aspect, the study notes, is the manner in which such pollutants seep into the soil, lacing groundwater with heavy metals and other pollutants.


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“We are a group of people working together for environmental justice and freedom from toxics. ”

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