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 “We are a group of people working together for environmental justice and freedom from toxics. We have taken it upon ourselves to collect and share information about the sources and dangers of poisons in our environment and bodies, as well as about clean and sustainable alternatives for India and the rest of the world.”

Delhi's waste-to-energy plants ‘toxic, costly, inefficient’

Source :Economic Times, New Delhi, 31 March 2015

Waste-to-energy incineration plants may not help Delhi deal with its massive trash problem. They may instead end up adding to its air pollution and cost the government a substantial sum.

Gross mismanagement of CFL waste containing mercury, says study

Source : The Hindu,New Delhi, 26 March 2015

Mercury enters body through skin or inhalation, and can lead to recurrent coughs, sore throat, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea and headache

Rising mercury level turns silent killer in Capital

Source :India Today, New Delhi, 25 March  2015

A massive amount of mercury - the toxic element that makes Compact Fluorescent Lamps and bulbs (CFLs) work - may be silently accumulating in the atmosphere thanks to the gross mismanagement of used and broken CFLs.

Used CFL bulbs a health hazard

Source : Times of India, New Delhi, 25 March 2015

A study has estimated that 14.93 million compact fluorescent lamps releasing approximately 74.65kg of mercury were disposed of unsafely in Delhi last year. The figure was arrived at through extrapolation from Delhi's population data and CFL usage trends based on a random survey of households and large establishments by Toxics Link, an environmental NGO.

Gross mismanagement of mercury bearing CFL waste!

New Delhi, 24 March 2015,: Massive amount of CFL waste get accumulated in and around cities and are mismanaged thus emitting large amount of poisonous mercury, states the latest report of Toxics Link “The Dark End- CFL Need Better Management”.


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“We are a group of people working together for environmental justice and freedom from toxics. ”

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