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 “We are a group of people working together for environmental justice and freedom from toxics. We have taken it upon ourselves to collect and share information about the sources and dangers of poisons in our environment and bodies, as well as about clean and sustainable alternatives for India and the rest of the world.”

Yamuna water contains heavy metals, enough to cause serious health implications: Toxics Link

Source : NGO Post,New Delhi, 15 December 2014

A recent study on the pollution of river Yamuna has revealed that its water contains heavy metals such as Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury and Arsenic which are known for causing serious health implications.

दिल्ली : हरी सब्जियों का काला सच

Source : NDTV, New Delhi, 15 December 2014

Yamuna Water is Unfit for Human Consumption: NGO

Source :New Indian Express,New Delhi, 15 December 2014

Toxic Link, an NGO has claimed that Yamuna is highly polluted with heavy metals and toxics contaminating the river’s water to the extent that it is unfit for human consumption.

Veggies from Yamuna floodplains may be highly contaminated

Source : The Hindu, New Delhi, 13 December 2014

High levels of pollution in the Yamuna has been a cause for concern. With the latest research showing the presence of heavy metals in the river, water environmentalists have demanded creation of more data linking possible health impact due to contamination of food crops and adoption of better technology for suitable remediation to make the river healthy.

Toxics Link study on “Toxicity Load of Yamuna River in Delhi”

New Delhi, 12 December 2014 : Toxics Link released a research based report “Toxicity Load of Yamuna River in Delhi” that examines toxics load (such as pH, turbidity, solids, and heavy metals) in water and sediments of Yamuna River.


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“We are a group of people working together for environmental justice and freedom from toxics. ”

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