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 “We are a group of people working together for environmental justice and freedom from toxics. We have taken it upon ourselves to collect and share information about the sources and dangers of poisons in our environment and bodies, as well as about clean and sustainable alternatives for India and the rest of the world.”

The Ganges: holy, deadly river

Source : FT Magazine, 13 February 2015

Pollution has turned the sacred waters into a lethal cocktail of industrial and human waste. Can the river be saved?

Toxic hospital waste dumped in open

Source : Times of India, Patna, 9 February 2015

BMW, this word brings out the picture of a high-end lurxury car. But today, this also means biomedical wastes, which can cost one's life. The wastes generated from hospitals like syringes, drug bottles, removed plaster and human anatomical parts are termed biomedical wastes (BMW), which are being disposed of in open in a horrible manner by a few private hospitals of the city.

Plastic Bags-Where is the Ban

Source: City Scan Magazine, February 2015

Delhi-based NGO Toxics Link which deals with critical environmental issue recently conducted a survey which has brought forth some startling facts vis-a-vis the plastic bag usage in the city. It is a well-established fact that plastic bags are extremely hazardous and the problem of plastic waste disposal has become grave in city like Delhi...

Seminar on “Mercury and Bio –Medical Waste Management” in Bihar

Source: The Hindustan Times, 9th & 10th Feb, 2015

IT sector largest generator of e-waste; underutilised recycling capacity

Source :Economic Times, Bengaluru, 09 February 2015


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“We are a group of people working together for environmental justice and freedom from toxics. ”

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