Nutan Maurya is working as Senior Program Coordinator (Waste & Sustainability).  

Nutan Maurya is an environmental anthropologist committed to contributing towards a cleanand just world for all. She has extensively worked in the area of water pollution. Her currentresearch interests range from exploring discard as an ecological challenge, pollution risk topublic health and livelihood, wastewater management in urban settings, Socio- economicdynamics of Anti-microbial resistance (AMR) to the anthropology of development. 

Nutan has a diversity of experience with reputed organisations. Over the past ten years, she hasworked with organisations such as Auburn University, Alabama, Tata Centre for Development(TCD), University of Chicago-Delhi Centre, South Asian Institute (SAI) Harvard University, andAshoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), Bangalore, on variousprojects at the intersection of environment and socio-economy. Fieldwork, using qualitative andquantitative research methods, analysis and report writing is one of her core competencies. 

She has also taught courses on Environmental Anthropology, Political Sociology, EnvironmentalIssues in India and Gender and Society at South Asian University-Delhi, University of Delhi,ATREE and the University of Allahabad. In addition, she has research papers, articles, coursematerial and book reviews published to her credit. Her works have been published in manyjournals, including Economic & Political Weekly and the Journal of Indian Politics and Policy. 

After studying Biology and Anthropology at the University of Allahabad, she received her PhDin Anthropology, with a specialisation in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Delhi. 

She likes to read, listen to music, watch films, and explore new places in her spare time. 

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