established 14 e-waste collection bins in kolkata

The city of Kolkata  approximately generates 2.5 Lakh tonnes of e-waste annually. Being the eastern hub, it also receives waste from neighboring states. Though high estimates of e-waste generation have been established, a strong and collective action has not been forthcoming for safe management of E-waste in the city and the state. Most stakeholders have identified lack of awareness and a robust collection system as a key bottleneck.

To address this, Toxics Link with active support of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) had launched a drive to set up acollection mechanism for E-waste in the city of Kolkata. This was under the European Union commissioned SWITCH Asia project for establishing E-Waste Channels to Enhance Environment Friendly Recycling (WEEE Recycle).

14 bins for collection of e-waste were placed in important public locations and institutions for maximum visibility and impact. The aim behind putting up the bins was to create awareness among the common public regarding e-waste and to also give them an opportunity to dispose it in a responsible manner. The response of the public was overwhelming. The locations of these sites were as follows:

a) Paribesh Bhawan, Salt Lake

b) Indian Museum

c) Birla Industrial & Technological Museum (BITM)

d) Calcutta University, College Street Campus

e) Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM)

f) Office of the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd. (CESC) situated at Statesman House, Esplanade

g) Samriddhi Bhawan, Head office of State Bank of India at Strand Road

h) Raja Bazar Science College at Raja Bazar

i) Ballygunje Science College at Ballygunje

j) Tata Centre: 2 bins (at 2nd & 9th Floors)

k) National Library at the 1st floor of Bhasha Bhaban

l) Science City, E. M. Bypass

m) ITC Sonar Bangla Hotel, E. M. Bypass

Besides setting up bins at public locations, we also conducted awareness programmes for different stakeholders so that they can play their part in creating a green channel.