Dr. Amit is Programme Coordinator in the Waste and Sustainability team at Toxic Link.

Dr. Amit was awarded his B.Tech in Biotechnology from IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad following which he did his M.Tech in Chemical Plant Design(Chemical engineering) from The National Institute of Technology Surathkal, Karnataka. After his Master’s degree, Amit joined The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee as a PhD student and completed his doctoral degree in 2019, wherein the subject of his thesis was on “Microalgal remediation of wastewater and biodiesel production”. So far Dr Amit has 6 publications in reputed journals and has expertise in treatment of different types of industrial wastewater and production of biofuels. He has considerable experience in monitoring of instruments, conducting laboratory experiments, water sampling, designing of Bioreactors, MFCS, and waste management. Dr. Amit is interested in conducting research on environmental issues like analysis of toxic inorganic and organic compounds and their remediation processes.

Email: amit@toxicslink.org