On the Edge: Potential Hotspots in Delhi

Title: Edge Potential Hotspots in Delhi
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2014
Abstract: Delhi has been a seat of various industrial and semi-industrial activities which take place within the city boundary. These areas cater to many kinds of industries, including plastic, metal, textile, etc. The city also has one of the largest recycling markets in the world catering to all sorts of wastes and material, with a vast population engaged in formal and informal processing of a mix of toxic and non-toxic waste. Years of such activities have had an impact on the environment of the city, contaminating the soil, water and air. Poor implementation of environmental norms has made many of these locations potential hotspots of pollution.

‘On the Edge’ is first of its kind study in Delhi, mapping the city’s polluting centres. These sites are regularly contaminating the city’s environment by releasing toxic pollutants and thereby creating health concerns. This study focuses on identifying these sites as well as gathering and compiling information related to these sites. The report will enable us to take stock of the city’s environmental condition, to look into the future and assess the various policy options for consideration. It would also help in ascertaining if there is an urgent need to look at the current activities in any of these sites and plan remediation.