Looking Through Glass: CRT Recycling in India

Title: Looking through Glass CRT Recycling in India
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2014
Abstract: The growing popularity of LCD and Plasma screen has put the Cathode Ray Tubes or picture tubes out of business globally. But this fading technology has a remnant in form of toxic leaded glass. Cathode Ray Tube which can have up to 4kgs lead is one of most toxic components among E-waste and is a major environmental concern.

‘Looking though Glass- CRT Glass recycling’ in India explores the fate of this leaded glass and discovers how it is contaminating the entire glass recycling chain. The glass which is recycled mostly by the unorganized sector finally ends up in our homes in the form of a household product, but without a warning that it may have lead.

The report also brings out startling facts on the possibility of CRT being dumped in India from developed countries.