Environmental Illusion: The Non-Woven Bags

Title: Environmental Illusion The Nonwoven bags
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2020
Abstract: The look and feel of the non-woven bags have made people believe that they are made of cloth and therefore environment-friendly. This is far from the truth. The lab findings, which were a part of this study, clearly show the plastic content in the popularly distributed non-woven bags- thus breaking the myth that these bags pose no harm to the environment. Lack of correct information or misleading information is leading most vendors to use plastic (non-woven PP) as replacement for normal plastic- and ironically paying more for it. The industry though continues to assert that NWPP bags are the best alternative to polythene or regular plastic bags, citing their durability and also claiming that they are environment-friendly. Though some local and regional government agencies have explicitly admitted that NWPP bags are not the right choice, there is still lack of clarity on the issue.Consumer awareness and behaviour change programmes still remain key elements and various agencies have to work towards informing and educating the consumers regarding the reality of non-woven bags.