COVID WASTE How has Delhi managed it

Title: COVID WASTE How has Delhi managed it
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2020
Abstract:There has been a steep rise in the generation of highly infectious waste in Delhi since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic but the capacity of its waste management facilities have not been overwhelmed so far.The study titled ‘Covid Waste How has Delhi managed it?’ captures real-time data on covid waste from the city. A whopping 2384 tons of COVID waste was generated in Delhi since the onset of the pandemic. However, quick reaction and review of rules has helped to resolve the issue of choking on technology and has led to better management.The study findings reveal that from March onwards, as the covid cases got reported, COVID-19 waste generation started. The Covid-related waste generation increased from 33 tons in March to 238 tons in April registering a hike of 620%.The waste quantities saw a major jump in the months of June and July; the increase to the tune of 11% and 25% respectively in comparison to January.Delhi reported more than 75% of its total cases in June as curbs of the lockdown were eased, which is probably the reason for the high quantities in June as well. The revised guidelines by CPCB in July, gave clear instructions that segregation had to be followed and everything was not required to be incinerated. This resulted in the incinerable waste coming down substantially.However, the total amount of waste, including COVID waste, is much higher than the BMW generated during non-COVID months.