BPA study report

Title: BPA study report
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2014
Abstract: The science of health impacts of BPA is now an accepted fact and serious efforts have been made by countries to restrict the use of BPA in various products. Studies claim that children are most prone to the exposure of BPA due to lack of development of metabolic pathways. The exposure of children is perhaps also due to higher daily intake of food/beverages per body volume unit than adults. Many countries across the globe have phased out and banned the use of BPA in baby feeding bottles.The Toxics Link study found that there is a growing demand for BPA-free feeding bottles mostly in Delhi though in other two cities there is hardly any understanding to differentiate between BPA and BPA-free products. But the most disturbing fact is that the BPA has been detected in some of the bottles which have been labeled as BPA-free