Antibiotic Pollution in Rivers

Title: Antibiotic Pollution in Rivers
Publication Type: Research Reports
Year of Publication: 2022
Abstract: Antibiotics are important life-saving medicines and play a key role in the wellbeing of human health. However, the unsustainable manufacturing processes coupled with indiscriminate use have given rise to antibiotic pollution in various environmental matrices. Environmental exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredients such as antibiotics can have negative effects on the health of ecosystems and humans. It has also led to the emergence of growing global threat of Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR). However, the data regarding the contamination and distribution of antibiotics in Indian rivers is limited. In this context, Toxics Link came up with the present research study to highlight the presence of antibiotics in some of the Indian rivers. The report aims to trigger more large-scale nationwide studies on the occurrence of antibiotics in the aquatic environment including their contribution to rising AMR in the country. This report can also serve as a basis for better understanding of antibiotic pollution situation in India and highlights the need to establish sustainable practices at every stage of the supply chain.