UV-328 : A Potential Persistent Organic pollutant

Title: UV-328 : A Potential Persistent Organic pollutant
Publication Type: Factsheets
Year of Publication: 2022
Abstract:UV-328 is a high-volume additive typically used as a ultra-violet (UV) stabiliser in plastic products, some personal care products, rubber and coatings. UV-328 has been found in the environment and biota, far from its production and use, including in remote areas of Arctic and the Pacific Ocean. UV-328 has been found to be transported with, and may subsequently be released from plastic debris. They may then be taken up seabirds with subsequent accumulation in their tissue, and microplastics. It is also the first non-halogenated chemical considered by the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Review Committee of the Stockholm Convention. In this context, this factsheet provides essential information about UV-328 (compound proposed as POP at the Stockholm Convention) such as, chemistry, applications, production and trade, health impacts and regulations.