Information Sheet on Dental Practise Environmental Footprint

Title: Information Sheet on Dental Practise Environmental Footprint
Publication Type: Factsheet
Year of Publication: 2021
Abstract:Oral health care professionals use vast amounts of resources in their daily clinical operations, which contribute to the global pollution burden and climate change. The field of dentistry has various subspecialties and nearly all of them create a carbon footprint via the appliances or techniques used in the day-to-day running of a dental office. In simpler terms, an operational dental clinic has various environmental impacts occurring as a result of unsustainable or faulty practices.There is increasing awareness of the problems but there is lack of knowledge on how to become more environmentally sustainable.Green dentistry is a relatively new and emerging concept in dentistry. Most dental offices are privately-owned small establishments and hence are hesitant in investing in environmental-friendly practices. But small steps can be taken at various levels to assist in the process of achieving sustainable dental practice.There are also financial and reputational benefits to becoming more sustainable for dental practices.