Factsheets Dechlorane Plus

Title: Factsheets Dechlorane Plus‚Äč
Publication Type: Factsheets
Year of Publication: 2022

Abstract:Dechlorane Plus is polychlorinated flame retardant. With the global restriction of brominated flame retardants (FRs) such as deca-BDE, octa-BDE, the use of other FRs like DP has increased. It is preferably used owing to its low cost, low density, and high thermal and photochemical stabilities than the other brominated flame retardants. DP does not occur naturally and is released to the environment most likely through manufacturing, formulation and/or industrial usages. It has been detected in groundwater and lakes at certain sites. Considering the characteristics of persistence, biomagnification and bioaccumulation Dechlorane plus is under consideration in the Stockholm Convention. In this context, this factsheet provides essential information about Dechlorane plus (compound proposed as POP at the Stockholm Convention) such as, chemistry, applications, production and trade, health impacts and regulations.