Factsheet 16 on DetergentsCounting the Cost of Cleanliness

Title:Factsheet 16 on DetergentsCounting the Cost of Cleanliness
Publication Type: Factsheets
Year of Publication: 2002

Abstract:Believing in the age-old adage, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, human beings from time immemorial have attached great importance to cleanliness. However, few understand the relationship between personal and environmental cleanliness. Just as personal hygiene and cleanliness are important, likewise, a clean environment for all living creatures is equally imperative. This factsheet on detergents (available in both English and Tamil) gives an insight into what detergents are; how the use of detergents can be related to health and the environment; what the labeling requirements for detergents are in India and how the Indian detergent industry is shirking its responsibility about the pollution caused by detergents. Finally, suggestions have been given on how to make an environment-friendly household cleaning powder.