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Scrapping the hitech myth Computer waste in India

TitleScrapping the hitech myth Computer waste in India
Publication Type Research Reports
Year of Publication2003
KeywordsindiaWasteComputerDelhiNGOScrappinghi-techmythEnvironmentToxics Link

The disposal and recycling of computer waste in the country has become a serious problem since the methods of disposal are very rudimentary and pose grave environmental and health hazards. In addition, besides handling its own computer waste, India now also has to manage the waste being dumped by other countries. The management of electronic waste has to be assessed in the broad framework of Extended Producer Responsibility and the Precautionary Principle. At present, management options for e-waste are extremely polluting and hence are of grave concern. This type of assessment is very important as only then can interventions be suggested to check the polluting systems of recycling and give viable options for better management of computer waste. The current study has been carried out through fieldwork in Delhi, one of the backyard recycling centers in India and has led to many yet unexplored leads in other parts of the country. It is clear that there are no specific laws dealing with the problem in India and its import. E-waste comes in mixed with other categories of computers, including second hand computers as donations and there is no specific check to monitor its entry into the country. For more info write us at info@toxicslink.org

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