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Round Table On End of Use Lead Acid Battery Waste

TitleRound Table On End of Use Lead Acid Battery Waste
Publication TypeReports (Conference & Workshops)
Year of Publication2019
KeywordsindiaWorkshopRecyclingDelhiNGOEPREnvironmentinformal sectorRulesToxics Linkwaste managementCPCBstakeholdersKeywords:Lead acid batteriesrobust collection networkBattery Rules

Toxics Link, as part of its work on hazardous waste, organised a round table on Used Lead Acid Battery Waste on March 28th, 2019 at The Hans, Delhi, India. The round table aimed to evaluate the status of implementation of Batteries (Handling and Management) Rules and discuss the road ahead with various stakeholders in attendance. The round table was attended by various stakeholders concerned to lead acid batteries and hazardous waste management, such as international and national regulatory bodies and advisors, organizations and think tanks, automobile organisation, etc. The findings from Toxics Link report on “Lead Acid Batteries: Mapping the Toxic Waste Trail” were discussed with the participants of the round table.


Please find attached the link to the presentations by Toxics Link below:-

Presentation_Lo(e)aded  Batteries

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