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Pesticides in India Environment and health sourcebook

TitlePesticides in India Environment and health sourcebook
Publication Type Research Reports
Year of Publication2000
KeywordsindiaHealthPesticidesDelhiNGOEnvironmentsourcebookToxics Link

Pesticides constitute one of the major non-point pollution sources of our ground and surface water. Despite the continuous reporting of these chemicals on our living resources, there has been almost no mechanism for cleaning our life-giving water supplies of such chemicals. Above all, India has had an unclear pesticide policy, which ignores almost all the linkages between pesticides, environment and human health. All such related evidence and much more form the integral part of this sourcebook. Consumers as a group are capable of designing government policy to ensure the safe use and phase-out of these dangerous chemicals. This directory details the consumption pattern of various pesticides documented along with the major reported cases of pesticide poisoning. This handbook is conceived as an institutional directory that provides detailed information of all the Pesticide Research Laboratories in India. Information on pesticides consumption, concerning their restricted use or bans they are subjected to, is concisely tabulated to form the highlight of this publication. Section 1 deals with the status of pesticides in India, and Section 2 details the status of POPs in India. The status of DDT is taken up in Section 3, that of PCBs in Section 4, and that of dioxins and furans in Section 5. Based on several studies and findings, Section 6 analyses the pesticide loads in the environment, humans and food. The alternatives available to us are discussed in Section 7. These alternative methods lay emphasis on other non-chemical control measures along with pesticides. The above publication is available in English, Hindi and Tamil. It is available on order Write us at info@toxicslink.org

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