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Dead And Buried

TitleDead And Buried
Publication Type Research Reports
Year of Publication2019
KeywordsMercuryreportleadindiaRecyclingContaminationStudybatteriesDelhiEPRCadmiumEnvironmentinformal sectorchemicalsToxics LinkResearchpencil batteriesdry cell batteriestoxic wasteEnd-of-life small batteriesSolid waste Ruleslandfillswaste managementbattery waste managementzinc-carbonnickelcopperzincmanganeselithiumleachingheavy metalshouseholdshazardousdustbinregulatory frameworkindustryinformal recyclerfinancial viabilityresource recoveryconsumptionMunicipal Waste RulesExtended Producer Responsibilitybattery recyclingConsumer awareness

The report is an attempt to understand and flag off the concern related to improper disposal and recycling of these small batteries. The study has also looked at the possibility of resource recovery, especially since circular economy is gaining prominence and is key to sustainable living.

Though the battery constituents have changed overtime and there have been attempts globally to make these less hazardous, it still has toxic materials and needs to be carefully managed. The current study indicates that the volume of small battery waste is huge in the country and it is unmanaged. Framework of Solid waste management, which included these small batteries as household hazardous waste, has failed to address the issue and there has been no collection or recycling infrastructure triggered by the policy.

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