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Phasing out strategy of Mercury containing products in India

India has ratified the Minamata convention on mercury which is an important step forwardto eliminate mercury and protect humanhealth and environment. At present the Government of India is in the process of doing Mercury Initial Assessment (MIA) for the sector wise inventarisation for mercury, creating awareness and developing roadmap for reducing and phase out of mercury based products in India.

ToxicsLinkhasbeenworking onmercuryissuesince2003and hasundertakenanumberofresearchstudiesandis doing campaign tophaseoutmercury from various products in India involving various stakeholders. During these years the Government of India and some of the state governments have also taken affirmative actions to reduce use of mercury from various products. The Govt of India has issued regulations to restrict the use of mercury from the lighting industries and also has put a ban on the use of mercury in cosmetics. Further there are major shift in the mercury free health care instruments by the private as well as government run hospitals. However there are some areas of concerns on use of mercury in products which are need to be addressed. Further considering size of the country there are needs of adequate capacity building and awareness generation for an effective change at the grass root level.

Therefore in the perspectives of Govt of India’s commitment to Minamata convention, Toxics Linkhasplannedtoundertakefollowing activities;

  • To develop aNational planofaction /strategyforphaseoutofmercurycontainingproducts
  • Toundertakearesearchstudyonavailabilityandthecostofalternativesformercury free products
  • To draft amodel law tophaseout mercurycontactingproducts.
  • To create stakeholders awareness on the issue of mercury treaty and phasing out of mercury based products.

All the activities   have been planned to supplement the Govt of India’s efforts to accelerate the implementation process of the Minamata convention. Further a small ProjectSupportGroup(PSG)involvingtheconcernministries, NGO and industryrepresentative will set up to guide  the implementation of the project.

For More Details:- http://www.zeromercury.org/


Mercury in Products_Minutes of PSG meeting Reports 

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