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Chemicals and Health

Chemicals have become an integral part of our life and are linked to the development. However they are also linked to wide range of diseases which has become a public health issue. Therefore there is a greater need to manage them so as to minimize the adverse impact on the health and environment.

  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

    We live in a world in which man‐made chemicals have become a part of the life.It is impossible to imagine any products which can be manufactured without the use of chemical...

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  • Chemical in Products

    Our dependency, directly or indirectly, on chemicals is so high that it is almost impossible to find a product that does not have added synthetic chemicals as an important constituent of the product material.

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  • Mercury in Healthcare

    Mercury is a toxic heavy metal, which is bio-accumulative, biomagnifies, and persistent in nature.It metabolizes into the deadly methyl mercury naturally, once it reacts with the bacteria present in the soil ...

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  • Mercury in Products

    Mercury is one of the significant environmental offenders closely associated with health care industry.It is mostly found in health care products in its elemental form as a liquid metal Mercury can also be.......

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  • Lead in Paint

    Lead (Pb) compounds have been historically used by paint manufacturers. A number of properties of lead make it commercially attractive for its use in paints.

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  • POPs And Pesticides

    Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are organic chemical substances that are highly toxic and persist in the environment.Their bio accumulation through .....

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  • Food Safety

    Toxics Link has been engaged on the issue of food safety for over a decade. Since then the organisation has been continuously raising issues related to food..

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