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Quotes from the Earth has been the first of its kind in the Indian Capital since 2004. Using a discursive platform to highlight environmental challenges at the national and international level through films, which happen to be one of the most powerful medium of communication and discussion, the festival, is a collaborative effort by Toxics Link and India International Centre, Delhi.

This being the fourth, the festival (4-5th December, 2010) takes a leap of faith and acts as the fourth prong of the environmental debate and discussion with the theme as Ecological Citizenship, focusing on different issues, regions, and struggles to give audience a better chance to understand and engage with broader picture of the current status of environmental issues. Initiating, propagating and absorbing the idea of ‘E-citizens’, the films selected will throw light essentially on four categories: Earth, Water, Wildlife and Sustainability.



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About Toxics Link

Toxics Link is an information outreach and environmental advocacy organization set up in 1996. It has special emphasis on reaching out to grassroots groups and community based organizations. The areas of its engagements include research, outreach and policy advocacy on issues of communities and urban waste, toxics free healthcare, hazardous wastes, and pesticides. Toxics Link communicates with all stakeholders, from a civil society perspective. Its networks and partners are national, regional as well as international.






The festival is proposed as an event, which goes beyond viewing films. Over a period of two days it aims to bring under one umbrella the persistent and persuasive, with each day culminating into a panel discussion on the theme. Discussing the relevance of environment education on the first day and Politics of Environment on the second with panelists from education, media, film-making and policy field, the festival aims to engage the audience for not only what exists but also what steps to take for future action toward environment conservation.