Quotes from the Earth 2008
A film festival on the environment

The North Pole may be completely ice-free later this summer as global warming melts Arctic ice. Water is important for economic development, and many parts of India already face issues of water scarcity, which will only multiply. The hydrological cycle is predicted to be more intense, with higher annual average rainfall as well increased drought. Global food crisis is a reality and sub-Saharan Africa is caught in it's throes again. Quotes from the Earth brings in a collection of award winning and topical environmental documentaries.

Toxics Link and India International Centre(IIC) organised the 3rd Quotes from the Earth, a biannual environmental film festival on 19th and 20th December 2008. We deeply thank PSBT to be the screening partner for the festival.

Post Event Summary

The film festival package hopes to image the stark environmental challenges and conflicts facing us now more realistically through the powerful medium of films and to improve our understanding of these issues. The package includes 20 films on

Water | Hunger | Survival | Climate Change & Energy efficiency | Urban Scapes

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