Quotes from the Earth 2006
A film festival on the environment

Quotes from the Earth brings together a multitude of voices and views on environment from across the globe. Equity and justice for all, is the unifying thread. From the rare cloud forests of Latin America to the impact of global warming on world's largest mangrove forests of Sunderbans in the Bay of Bengal, from organic farming in South Africa to the impact of genetically modified cotton in Andhra Pradesh - 23 documentaries have been woven together under the themes of 'Earth, Survival and Water'.

The three-day film festival on environment is organised by Toxics Link in association with the India International Centre and supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, India and the Embassy of Switzerland, New Delhi. Content for the festival was also contributed by Magic Lantern Foundation and Gothe Institute, New Delhi.

While the documentaries will offer a visual understanding, two panel discussions will bring together experts, filmmakers and activists to flesh out new ideas. The first one will be on ‘Are environmental documentaries only addressing the converted?’ and the second one will discuss the globally important issue of GM crops – ‘The GM Divide: Technological progress or interference with nature?’

Date: November 3-5, 2006

Venue: India International Centre, New Delhi, India

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The films screened in the festival will show case both local problems like deforestation in Silent Valley of Kerala and the global problems like climate change illustrating their localised impact. The films shot with love and concern for nature and manhood documents the need for preservation and conservation. The details of the films and the festival can be found in the brochure.

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Press Releases

The film festival will show case the multiple voices of the community and the individual on environment in form of some of the best never-seen-before documentaries. The press note highlights the films not to be missed.

Quotes from the Earth: Making environment everybody's concern

Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit expressed her concern for degrading environmental conditions and the vanishing sparrows from Delhi in the inauguration of ‘Quotes from the Earth’ environmental documentary film festival. She added that films are one of the most powerful mediums to take the issue to the masses and offered all necessary support to show case the festival to people of the city through projection vans.

Where have all the sparrows gone? Wonders Delhi Chief Minister:
‘Quotes from the Earth’ environment film festival inaugurated


Quotes from the Earth: Making environment everyone's concern

Quotes from the Earth, a three-day film festival on environment, was held from November 3-5, 2006. The article offers an inside view of the festival and argues that there is more to environmental films than the size of its audience.

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