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Toxics Link calls recent allegations made against it as false, baseless, malicious and defamatory

Toxics Link was recently targeted by websites like www.indiafacts.org, www.pgurus.com and www.artofliving.org (website of the Art of Living Foundation) claiming to be seekers of truth. The speculative and factually incorrect articles have levelled numerous allegations against the organisation, regarding the case against the Art of Living Foundation about the Yamuna Flood Plains, currently sub-judice in the National Green Tribunal, New Delhi. The allegations are completely false, fabricated and devoid of any evidence.


Toxics Link, specifically refutes the allegations made in these articles. Suggesting that the organisation orit’s Director, Ravi Agarwal, has anything to do with the said case is  false and defamatory since he is neither  a co-petitioner or has ever been a petitioner in the case, nor in any way connected to it in any way personally or as Toxics Link.


The article based on incorrect facts and speculation is an attempt to malign and defame the organisation which has worked for the past 20 years in larger public good on issues related to environment for reasons best known to themselves.


The organisation has, on the contrary, worked tirelessly, with all stakeholders including ministries and government bodies both at the state and national level, with the sole objective of protecting the environment and human health. In all these years of its existence, it has never targeted or supported any activity that is against an individual or any particular group with any intent to cause harm.

Toxics Link was founded on the guiding principles of protecting the environment and health of citizens. Throughout its existence, the organisation has adhered to the highest standards of integrity, ethics and transparency. All its sources of funding are completely transparent and are available on its website for anyone to see.

The article has not only distorted facts, but has also fabricated an imaginary story which lacks reason or logic. The article also levelled several allegations against one of Toxics Link’s honorary Board members, Mr Sanjay Parikh, who is an independent lawyer, and whose professional commitments have no linkage to Toxics Link.


Toxics Link has sought the council of senior lawyers as the articles are false, fabricated and written with an intent to harm to the reputation and credibility of the organisation.

Links to where the malicious articles have appeared are:




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