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Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC)

Development of E-waste Management Plan for the State of Goa: Goa, one of the most pristine states in the country with highest GDP, is also saddled with the e-waste problem. The e-waste rules had very limited impact on ground there and hence the waste is still managed in the state in an improper manner. There are several gaping holes in the form of lack of collection network and infrastructure, effective awareness programs and a robust and transparent system etc.
Toxics Link is currently engaged with Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) to develop an e-waste management plan for the state with an aim to fill in some of these gaps through e-waste assessment in the state and a plan for feasible collection network covering the entire population. The assessment will include mapping of the current value chain of e-waste, e-waste category wise inventory and the knowledge, attitude and practices of the concerned stakeholders regarding the waste in the state. We will also facilitate the development of an e-waste collection network and facility in Goa.


Development of Bio-medical Waste Management Plan in Goa: Toxics Link is working with Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) for developing sustainable strategies to handle the bio-medical waste generated in the state in compliance with the Bio-medical waste Management Rules, 2016. This includes, 1) a situation analysis of the current knowledge, attitude and practices followed in the healthcare sector as well as in the households of Goa, 2) an inventorisation of the generation of bio-medical waste from healthcare facilities and sanitary waste from households in the state, 3) a collection-infrastructure plan for disposal and treatment of bio-medical waste and an awareness plan for the state, 4) training the healthcare professionals in Goa and setting up of waste management system in healthcare facilities and 5) facilitating the construction and operation of Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facility in the state.

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