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Toxics Link is funded by a variety of sources -- from individuals and small groups to large institutional funders. The major quantum of resources comes from programme funding provided by:

                Arnika Association                                                

                Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenearbeit (GIZ) Gmbh 

                EMPA,the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology 

               European Environment Bureau                                                                

                 International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)                                          

                 The Ford Foundation                                                                            

                 TheSwedish International Development Agency (SIDA)                              

                 Swedish Society for Nature Conservation Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg              

                 University of Cincinnati Reading Campus                                                                 

                 Goeth Institute /Max Mueller Bhawa

                 Nokia India Pvt Ltd                                          

                                 Royal Ministry of Environment 

Additionally, individual projects are funded by a variety of sources, based on whom we are undertaking the project with or what the goals of the project are. These are too numerous to name here. As with almost all non-governmental organisations, resources never match the scope of the work we would like to undertake. We are therefore always open to new funding, for the organisation itself, for programmes on the whole, or for individual projects. We follow meticulous systems for the tracking and management of funds, and our accounts are open for scrutiny as per the funders' specifications. Independent audits ensure complete transparency with respect to usage of funds.

Financial Statements :

FCRA Contribution for Qtr Oct 2018 to Dec 2018

FCRA Contribution for Qtr July 2018 to Sep 2018

FCRA Contribution for Qtr Jan 2018 to Mar 2018

FCRA Contribution for Qtr April 2018 to June 2018

Foreing Donations October 2017 to December 2017

Foreing Donations July 2017 to September 2017

Foreing Donations April 2017 to June 2017

Foreign Donations Janaury 2017 to March 2017

Foreign Donations October 2016 to December 2016

Foreign donations July 2016 to September 2016

Foreign Donations April 2016 to June 2016

Foreign Donations  January 2016 to March 2016

Financial Statement 2016-17

Financial Statement 2015-16

Financial Statement 2014-15

Financial Statement 2013-14

Financial Statement 2012-13

Financial Statement 2011-12

Financial Statement 2010-11

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