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Question No - 4737 : Chemicals in Ground Water

Government of India, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Lok Sabha
Unstarred Question No: 4737, Answered on:  15.12.2016

Chemicals in Ground Water

Hari Narayan Rajbhar

Will the Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation Be Pleased to State:-

(a) Whether the Union Government Are Aware of the Presence of Large Quantity of Arsenic, Fluoride and Other Chemicals/ Impurities in Ground Water in Uttar Pradesh Which Has Affected the Drinking Water Quality in the State;

(B) if So, the Comparative Details With Other States Thereof;

(C) the Details of the Steps Taken to Remove These Harmful Impurities From the Drinking Water in the Said State During the Last Three Years; and

(D) Whether Water Treatment Plants Are Used to Provide Safe Drinking Water Free of Organic, Fluoride and Other Such Chemicals/ Impurities and if So, the Details Thereof?

Minister of State for Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
(Shri Ramesh Chandappa Jigajinagi)

(a) & (B)as Reported by the Uttar Pradesh State Into the Online Integrated Management Information System (Imis) of the Ministry, There Are 200 Fluoride, 262 Arsenic, One Iron, One Nitrate and 82 Salinity Affected Habitations Which Are Yet to Be Provided Safe Drinking Water. As Per Imis, as on 9/12/2016, the Number of Water Quality Affected Habitations in the Country, State-wise Including Uttar Pradesh State Is at Annexure.

(C) & (D)as Reported by the Uttar Pradesh State Government, in Order to Provide Safe Contamination Free Drinking Water in Affected Areas, the State Government Is Taking Steps to Implement Water Supply Schemes Under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme (Nrdwp) as Following :-

1. Construction of Piped Water Supply Schemes Based on Tube Wells Drawing Water From Contamination Free Strata.

2. Where Alternative Sources Are Not Available, Water Treatment Plants Are Installed for Supplying Safe Drinking Water for Drinking and Cooking Requirement, for Immediate Relief to Affected Population.
During Last 3 Years and Current Year Till Date a Total of 686 Water Quality Affected Habitations of Uttar Pradesh State Have Been Provided With Safe Water Supply as Below:

Year Water Quality Affected Habitations Covered
Total by Piped Water Supply by Water Treatment Plants

2013-14 323 214 109

2014-15 153 78 75

2015-16 167 15 152

2016-17 (Up to Oct 2016) 43 22 21

Total 686 329 357
Further, All State Governments Including Uttar Pradesh Have Already Been Advised to Provide Community Water Purification Plants in All Remaining Arsenic and Fluoride Affected Habitations as a Short Term Measure So That 8-10 Litres of Safe Water Is Made Available Immediately to the Local People for Their Drinking and Cooking Purposes.

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