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POPs in South Asia - Status and environmental health impacts

TitlePOPs in South Asia - Status and environmental health impacts
Publication Type Research Reports
Year of Publication2004
Keywordsenvironmental, Health, impacts, POPs, South Asia, status

Though the POPs treaty - the Stockholm Convention has thrown up a new opportunity for the South Asia region to proceed towards a chemical safety regime, there seems to be little activity on the ground. The Indian industry is resisting the country ratifying the POPs treaty. The participation of NGOs and communities in this area has not been encouraged and there is almost no public information.

In the overall picture, the data available shows reason for concern. Industry information is either not available or impossible to obtain. Governmental policy has also not addressed the issue substantially. Also community awareness is very low. The general refrain in the scientific community is that research in the area is waning and needs to be stimulated in a systematic and coordinated fashion. There needs to be an all-round stimulus for infusing fresh energy into this critical issue.

The report examines available information in the South Asia region, besides outlining the overall status of POPS in the region. It presents and evaluates the data in terms of sources, pathways and contamination, exposures and effects.


Status of POPs in South Asia
Pathways and environmental contamination
Food - a critical pathway of exposure
Environmental and health effects
Key findings, observations and data gaps

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