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Municipal Waste

As cities in India reel under the pressure of unplanned urban growth, waste management has taken a backseat. When action is taken, it is to bring in imported 'solutions' which have been discarded in the country of their origin! To take one instance, An incinerator installed at a cost of several crores at Timarpur to handle waste FROM North Delhi packed up within a week of commencing operations, as the mix of waste that was being fed INTO it was beyond of its handling capability.

Through active national campaigning and building public opinion, Toxics Link (TL) has been able to bring awareness on the environmental impact of such technologies, extended producer responsibility, the benefits of community-based waste management, as well as the impacts on traditional and informal sector recycling processes.

TL’s campaign is backed by a Ford Foundation-funded project that documents successful community waste management systems across the country.

It is also engaged in implementing a solid waste management programme in one middle income GROUP settlement in Delhi, in ORDER to get first-hand experience and knowledge regarding the factors that pose hindrances in upscaling decentralised community-based waste management programmes.

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