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Toxics Link has been engaged in dealing with the issue of biomedical waste management for over a decade. Disseminating information on segregation of waste in healthcare institutions was the first step in this direction, as only 15--20 per cent of the waste generated in hospitals is infectious/hazardous in nature. About 80--85 per cent of the waste is similar to those found in offices or housing complexes such as paper, cardboard, metal and food. By segregating waste at the source of its generation and thereby preventing contamination, hospital waste can be a potent resource for other uses.

Toxics Link engages with issues of BMW dominantly on 4 levels – Research and Advocacy, Management Systems Modeling, Central, State and Regional Intervention and Awareness Generation, Capacity Building and stakeholder engagement.


Development of Bio-medical Waste Management Plan in Goa: Toxics Link is working with Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) for developing sustainable strategies to handle the bio-medical waste generated in the state in compliance with the Bio-medical waste Management Rules, 2016. This includes, 1) a situation analysis of the current knowledge, attitude and practices followed in the healthcare sector as well as in the households of Goa, 2) an inventorisation of the generation of bio-medical waste from healthcare facilities and sanitary waste from households in the state, 3) a collection-infrastructure plan for disposal and treatment of bio-medical waste and an awareness plan for the state, 4) training the healthcare professionals in Goa and setting up of waste management system in healthcare facilities and 5) facilitating the construction and operation of Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facility in the state.

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