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BPA study Report

TitleBPA study Report
Publication Type Research Reports
Year of Publication2014
KeywordsBPA, chemical, study report, Toxics

BPA (Bisphenol A) is an organic molecule, first synthesized in 1895, is a synthetic estrogen. The chemical has two forms one is polycarbonate used as plastics baby bottles, as well as the epoxy resins used in the linings of some food and beverage containers, dental sealants and numerous other consumer products.

The research studies have proved that Bisphenol-A is a developmental, neural, and reproductive toxicant that mimics estrogen and can interfere with healthy growth and body function. An expert panel of the U.S. National Toxicology Program concluded that Bisphenol- A exposure to fetuses and to children could impact their behavioral and neural systems. BPA has also been designated as an endocrine disruptor.

The studies have confirmed BPA can be released from plastic baby feeding bottles. Many countries across the globe have phased out BPA from the baby feeding bottles. However in India BPA has not been phased out yet from the baby feeding bottles. The present study was attempted to measure the BPA content in baby feeding bottles sold in Indian market.

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