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Awareness generation, capacity building and stakeholder engagement

Toxics Link endeavors to promote toxics free healthcare by spreading awareness in various states across the country, among the healthcare staff and the general public through workshops, training, and media coverage held from time to time. The main focus of these programmes is to bring the issue of mismanagement in handling biomedical waste and the subsequent infection into public domain and thus help sensitize healthcare staff to minimize its generation and be responsible in its safe disposal. These types of activities lay the path for compliance in state level regulations which govern medical waste. Documentaries/movies on BMW, pamphlets/posters, manuals on Safe handling of BMW etc. are provided to the trainees to further enhance awareness. Training programme(s) at various places with an active participation of the healthcare staff from various hospitals across the city/ state and the regulatory authorities such as Pollution Control Boards, Health Departments, Municipal Corporation etc. are organized to build capacity of handlers on the threat posed by biomedical waste and the importance of its effective management. People from different strata, like doctors, medical officers, nursing and Para-medical staff as well as the administrative sections are put together on a common platform to discuss the problems and subsequent solutions. At specific instances, the negotiations are also made at the regulator’s level to introduce necessary changes in the system required for successful implementation of bio medical waste management. The situation of Ranchi, Jharkhand is a case in point. For further details on regional partners,

Human Health and Us-Medical Waste Action Network

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